Discover a different side of Brunei
Supporting community based, sustainable experiences and products

Connecting Cultures

There's way more to do in Brunei than just being shuttled around sightseeing on one of the many established tours.

We know that it's really connecting with people that makes those perfect memories, so our trips are designed to be different from those on offer from the standard tour operators.

If you want authentic cultural experiences such as foraging in the jungle for your lunch, making your own machete, fishing for freshwater prawns with indigenous people, or learning to weave traditional arts and crafts, then we hope you'll enjoy what we have to offer.


Empowering People

At the heart of everything we do are the people keeping our communities working together. That's why Kommunihub acts as a focal point to help our members showcase their skills.   

In assisting to keep culture and traditions alive, we work together with our community members in developing their goods and services, helping to reach a wider market.

We also help promote and distribute these community made items, so we invite you to check out our selection of authentic and sustainably made handicrafts and souvenirs.


Sustaining Communities

Our "Community Hub" is all about working together, so we look to invest in our community and share knowledge and skills, between each other and with our guests.

Sustainability is the key - whether it be in tourism, the environment or our culture, we are always working to develop our marketing, product development and responsibility to our natural surroundings. 

This includes promoting local Talent, plus offering various Training & Development courses and talks on things dear to our heart.

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