Experience Booking Terms and Conditions

Version: 2.3
Last updated: 1st September 2021

1. About
These terms and conditions are designed as far as possible to be fair and reasonable for everyone concerned, rather than the “dreaded fine print”.  We aim to deliver the best experience we can and meet your expectations every step of the way, appreciating that plans can change and things can sometimes go awry.

They are intended to ensure that the roles and responsibilities are clear, safe and enjoyable for everyone involved - you as our valued client, us at Kommunihub Co. providing the experience, and our community members as service providers of the activities.

These terms and conditions apply to every person booking onto an experience. If you are booking on behalf of a group or third party, then you are responsible for accepting these Terms and Conditions on their behalf and ensuring that all participants are aware of them. If any of the participants are under 18 years of age, you are responsible for informing their parent or legal guardian(s) of these terms and conditions and ensuring that the required consent form(s), if applicable, are returned to us before commencement of the experience.

2. Your Booking
Your booking is only confirmed once we receive payment for the booking invoice (whether for the full booking amount or an agreed deposit), unless we agree in advance to other payment arrangements, when a last minute booking means that a payment cannot realistically be made before commencement of the experience. When we receive either payment or agreement in writing (via email) to an alternative arrangement, we will send you confirmation of your booking for your chosen date(s) via email.

In such circumstances when your payment in settlement of our invoice is not received, prior to the commencement of the experience, then our cancellation policy (as below) applies in the event of any cancellation or amendments by you. You will still be liable for any outstanding amount due to us, up to the full amount of the booking value, once any applicable refunds have been applied.

If your booking is more than 60 days prior to the experience and has a value of more than BND $1000, we will accept a deposit payment to secure your booked date(s), which will be no less than 25% of the value of your full booking amount. This deposit is refundable according to our cancellation or amendments policy (as below). In this case, the balance amount must then be settled no less than 28 days before your first booked date.

Once your booking is confirmed, we may send you further details / request information specific to your chosen experience, for example regarding transport and location, health and safety requirements, and any necessary consent form(s). If you are booking on behalf of a group or third party, it is your responsibility to ensure that all participants are made aware of these requirements. For participants under 18 years of age, it is your responsibility to ensure their parent or legal guardian(s) are made aware of these.

3. Cancellation / Amendments by You
All requests for cancellations and amendments must be made in writing via email. We will endeavour to meet any reasonable changes and requests, so long as it doesn’t impact our ability to provide the experience. Should you wish to completely cancel you booking, we offer full and partial refunds (according to the schedule below) or deferral to another date where possible.

Should you require a reduction in the number of participants, we also offer full and partial refunds (according to the schedule below) or deferral to another date where possible. Please note however that some activities have a minimum number of participants, so a reduction in the number of participants may mean no refunds are possible or even mean an experience not being able run on a certain date, when the attendees are less than the required minimum number of participants.

Any cancellations / amendments will be refunded as per the following schedule:

More than 28 days before booked date FULL CANCELLATION:
For Full Booking Amount paid - 100% refunded. We will refund your paid amount in full, no problem.
For Deposit Amount paid – 90% refunded. We will deduct an administration fee of 10% against your deposit paid.

For Full Booking Amount paid – We will refund the amount paid for the person(s), unless it means that we have less than the advertised minimum number of participants for the experience.
For Deposit Amount paid – We will adjust the balance invoice to reflect the lower number of participants, unless it means we have less than the advertised minimum number of participants for the experience.
Between 14 and 28 days before booked date50% - 80% refundable or defer to another date.
We will refund at least 50% of the amount paid, or you may defer your booking to another date, subject to a 10% administration fee being payable for rebooking. For refunds, we will calculate how much extra we may refund you (up to 80% of the value of your paid booking), depending on the costs in advance we have incurred to host your group.
If we are able to fill your booked date with other participants, then we will refund you 80% of your paid amount.
Between 48 hours and 13 days before booked dateNo refund payable, though you may defer to another date (subject to conditions).
You may defer your booking to another date, unless it means that we have less than the minimum number of participants for the booked experience date, when your cancellation would mean we cannot run the experience for other guests. In this case, we will have to charge you for rebooking, up to 50% of your booking amount. If you decide to cancel your booking completely, no refund is generally payable, though we are nice people and dependant on the circumstances and the up-front costs we have incurred, we may be able to offer a partial refund, up to 25% of the full booking amount paid.
48 hours and less before booked date
No refund payable

Any bookings deferred to other dates are then non-refundable and further non-deferrable under any further cancellation / amendments you may wish to make.
Any refunds due will be paid to you within 14 days of being agreed payable.

4. Cancellation / Amendments by Us
Should we have to make changes to or cancel an experience, then we will inform you as soon as possible in writing (via email) and/or via your lead contact telephone number. If we are unable to provide resources or staff, amendments that are acceptable to you, or cancellation by participants makes the delivery of the experience impractical, then we will offer suggested alternatives or date(s) or you can of course have a full refund for your amount paid.

If unforeseen circumstances mean that we are unable to deliver the experience in a safe manner and to the quality we would like, we will inform you as soon as possible.  These hindrances include last minute unavailability of one of our community service providers (for example due to untoward family circumstances), inaccessibility / unsuitability of the venue due to (but not limited to) adverse weather events such as heavy rain, floods, landslides, blocked roads and forest fires, or extended service interruptions (water, power for example), as well as any statutory Government restrictions that may be made, such as sudden road or district/border closures, or imposition of a quarantine zone for example. In these circumstances, we will endeavour to work with you to organise a different date for your booking and no refunds will normally be payable.

If, due to Force Majeure, we are unable to deliver the experience, then no refunds are payable. This relates to extremely unusual and unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and which generally affect us all, such as war, riot, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, epidemic or pandemic, natural disasters and extreme weather conditions, that make it impossible or dangerous for any of us to carry out activities.

Any refunds due will be paid to you within 14 days of being agreed payable.

5. Health & Safety
We take health and safety extremely seriously and hope that you do too. By booking an experience with us, you are aware and accept that some activities are potentially hazardous with a risk of personal injury or death and you will be responsible for your own and your group’s actions and involvement.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and members of your group are fit enough to participate in the experience and are aware of the risks associated with experiences that may include (but are not limited to) activities in or above water, travelling in off-road vehicles, trekking through the jungle, encounters with wild or domesticated flora and fauna, handling hand or power tools and utensils with sharp attachments, using industrial machines, being in close proximity to sources of heat or fire, handling hot or combustible materials, using fixed or moveable outdoor pursuits equipment.

You must inform us immediately if you feel unwell or unable to continue carrying out an activity. Our experience instructor(s) is/are there for your safety and well-being, so if they deem you are unfit in any way to continue, they may request that you cease the activity for a rest period or stop participation in the experience entirely. In this circumstance, the instructor’s decision is final and no refund will be payable.

Every experience will begin with a health and safety briefing, including demonstration of any safety equipment you may have to wear to partake in the activity. If anything is unclear, do not hesitate to ask for clarification or further demonstration. If you arrive late to the start of the experience and miss the health and safety briefing, then you may be excluded from participation in the experience entirely. In this circumstance, the instructor’s decision is final and no refund will be payable.

All participants must adhere to the safety requirements at all times and follow any further instructions, guidance and decisions of the experience instructor(s), as they have specialised knowledge and skills and are committed to keeping you safe. If you or a member of your group does not follow the safety instructions, then the instructor may stop that person’s participation in the experience entirely. In this circumstance, the instructor’s decision is final and no refund will be payable.

Once your booking is confirmed, we may send you a form requesting personal details on yourself and members of your group. You must inform us of any medical condition, illness or disability (including any medication that may affect performance) so we can discuss any individual needs and make appropriate arrangements / adjustments to the experience, as much as practicable.

For participants below 18 years of age, for certain experiences we may require a parent or legal guardian to be present on site to assist / supervise them during the activity, whether or not the parent or legal guardian will be partaking in the experience. We will also require completion of a Parental Consent form. We ask that these details be completed and returned to us no less than 7 days before your booked date. If you do not provide these details on time, it may result in participants being excluded from the experience without refund.

If any participants really have to smoke, then please ask the instructor for information on the appropriate designated safe smoking area. Please use the ash tray provided and help prevent littering.

6. Liability
Our experiences do not include any personal accident, cancellation, third party liability or personal injury insurance. In the absence of any proven negligence or breach of duty by us, our employees or service providers, we are not responsible for any loss, theft, injury or damage to you or your personal belongings, clothing or vehicle (including contents, fittings and accessories).

For some experiences, we may provide you with activity and safety equipment for your personal use.  You are responsible for looking after this and returning it to us in the same condition as it was issued  (excepting normal wear and tear). You are liable for any loss, theft or damage to this equipment whilst it has been issued to you.

7. Respect
We are committed to providing experiences free from any type of discrimination  on the basis of race, religion, culture, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin or physical or mental disability (except where such a disability may make participation in the experience impractical or unsafe). We do our utmost to accommodate anyone as much as we possibly can.

As we work with a wide range of indigenous people, we likewise ask that you respect local culture and customs.  Any particular cultural sensitivities will be explained in advance, or at the start of your experience.

8. Photography
We or our service providers may take photographs and videos of your participation during an experience, which we may use for our own marketing purposes, whether in print, on our website or on social media. If you have any concerns or do not wish to be included in any photography, please let the experience instructor(s) know at the start. For any photographs or videos we do publish, we will never include personal details of any participant featured.

You are free to take your own photographs and videos during your experience, unless we ask you not to do so, due to cultural sensitivity or on safety grounds. We recommend always asking permission first if taking photographs of people you don’t know. After all, it’s the nice and polite thing to do.

9. Data Protection
Any personal contact information you supply to us, whether by email, text message, mobile messaging application, website contact form or handwritten document (for example, when we request completed emergency contact information, activity and/or parental consent permission), will be for use by Kommunihub Co. personnel and our community partners only, to enable us to deliver our services to you. Be assured we will treat such information as confidential and never share or sell this information to any outside commercial third party.

Any personal contact information supplied to us may be used for our own marketing purposes to inform you of our new products or services, from time to time. We will never bombard you with regular unsolicited emails or messages.

Please be aware that we do keep your details on record for statutory reporting purposes, in line with our requirements to provide statistics for the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism and District Offices. Such reporting normally consists of only informing on the anonymised monthly headcount numbers (including adult to child, male to female, and local to foreign guest ratios) for each experience we deliver, so no personal information is shared. However, we are obliged to retain your personal information in case of requests for information by other Government departments, which we will hold for a period of 2 years.

10. Issues or Complaints
We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest and we pride ourselves on our quality of service, to ensure that it is the best we can provide from your initial enquiry to the finish of your activity with us.

If you feel that the quality of the experience did not match your expectations, or where problems were encountered on the activity that could not be rectified on the day, then we ask you to let us know in writing (via email). We ask that you provide detail of any issue that occurred and articulate the nature of your complaint as much as possible, so we may review it.

We will conduct an investigation and at our discretion may offer a full or partial refund. Any amount payable will be limited to the full amount paid for the experience, with no other expenses or compensation recoverable.

11. Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Brunei Darussalam and by accepting them you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brunei Darussalam.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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