Life is all about experiences and we know that the most memorable and significant ones happen when people truly come together, share their cultures and form firm friendships. This not only applies to how we welcome visitors to Brunei, but is the very ethos of our company - working together with many of the diverse groups who share our small country, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. As well as the majority Malay and Chinese, our friends includes the Dusun, Tutong, Murut, Kedayan and Iban indigenous peoples, as well as expats of many different nationalities who live in our "Abode of Peace". 

That's why you won't find us listing tradition tours (although we do them as well if you want) - the experiences we offer are always centred around our guests, with flexible itineraries to match. Below you'll find a selection of some of the things we get up to:

All about the Food

Great food is at the heart of every community and in Brunei it can sometimes seem that everything revolves around coming together to "makan" ("eat" in Malay).

With it's long history of intermingling cultures, Brunei has a fantastic range of cuisine on offer, though sadly much these days (like everywhere else in the world) has too much cheap processed ingredients, full of artificial additives.

So when you eat with us, you won't find any of that. Our food experiences offer traditional cuisine, made with traditional ingredients (organic when possible), home cooked by years of expertise, that our members are only to happy to share with guests.

Culture & Adventure

The vast majority of visitors to Brunei never venture further than visiting the top sights in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, or taking a day or two to the visitor centres in the majestic rain forest in Temburong.

To truly get to know Brunei and it's people, you need to explore a little deeper and there's a wealth of things to do outside of the core tourist areas.

Fortunately we have spent our time making new friends around the rural villages, that offer authentic experiences to visitors who like to get away from the crowds. In fact, we even introduce many Bruneians from the capital to parts of the country they have never been to before!

Learning Activities

If you prefer a more structured itinerary, then we also organise learning experiences for a host of activities.

From field trips for foreign school, to corporate team-building days out, or for individuals looking to learn a new skill, our community has a wealth of knowledge they are only too willing to share. 

From traditional cooking, jungle trekking, foraging and exploring, to arts and crafts, music and more, we have many activities on offer.

And we are always looking to learn as well, so we always welcome guests with different skills and knowledge to contribute to our members in exchange.

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