Wooden Tableware & Utensils

Our wooden products are hand crafted by community members from sustainable sources, often recycling materials that would otherwise be thrown away, many to traditional village designs that have been followed for many years.

Our current selection of products for sale include:
Sasaban (chopping boards)
Gayung (traditional water ladles)
Gegawi (spatulas)
Pengaru (back scratchers)

Handicrafts & Souvenirs

We offer a range of products hand made by our community, from authentic traditional handicrafts from senior members to novel souvenirs from the younger generation.

Our woven baskets are made in the classic style, using natural Bruneian materials, to time-honoured designs, whilst our souvenirs and non-woven items are made from recyclable or sustainable and environmentally safe materials.


Food is always at the heart of any community, and we are blessed in Brunei with a vast larder of natural ingredients that the many different indigenous peoples have been enjoying here for centuries.  

We currently offer a fantastic Sambal Hitam and Dried Butterfly Pea Tea, produced in small batches by our community members. 

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