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All are products are 100% made in Brunei by our community members, using locally sourced and sustainable woods, which are often recycled from sawmill off-cuts and waste materials from other producers. All products use environmentally safe, non-toxic glues and food safe oil finishes. 

Sasaban - Food Platter/ Chopping Board

As individual as the trees that are made from, each of our hand crafted Sasaban use wood from the locally abundant Kulimpapa tree, then finished with 100% food safe oil to preserve their lustre.

Available from $20 upwards, our current range of styles can be seen here:

Platter Chopping Boards

Round Chopping Boards

Shaped Chopping Boards

Gayung - Water Ladle 

The traditional Gayung is made from the shell of a coconut with a handle made of the common Suama tree. Perfect for cooling off after yet another hot day in the sun!

Available in one size (45 cm long approx.) $12

Gegawi - Spatula

Beautifully hand carved from traditional local hard woods, our stirring spatulas are an essential addition to any kitchen - and better value than the mass produced inferior supermarket versions!

Available in 2 sizes:

Small (35 cm long, made from Kulimpapa) $8 

Large (55 cm long, made from Mango) $14

Pengaru  - Back Scratcher

Combining two of our the most sustainable products, coconut and bamboo, this effective traditional back scratcher even mimics a monkey's face on the head.

Available in one size (25cm handle approx.) $6



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