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Our wooden food platters are hand made in Brunei by our community members, primarily using timber from one of our abundant and sustainable tropical hardwoods, the Kulimpapa tree. Every one is uniquely hand crafted over many hours, so please note the dimensions given are only approximate. All are finished with 100% food safe (FDA approved) mineral oil. 

Platter Style

Our platter boards are almost too nice to use for chopping! We currently have the following sizes available:

Small - Approx. 240 x 120 x 30 mm  $20

Medium - Approx. 280 x 160 x 40 mm  $30

Round Style

Perfectly showcasing the dark heartwood of the Kulimpapa tree, our round platters look like thick beef steaks.

Medium - Approx. 200 diam. x 50 mm $25

Fish Style

Our members like a bit of fun so these fish-shaped platters can add a talking point to your kitchen or dining table too.

Medium - Approx. 400 x 200 x 30 mm $25


These platters are perfect for serving up a selection of your favourite cheeses. Available with either a handle or hole for hanging.

Small - Approx. 100 x 100 x 10 mm  $20

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